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All feedbacks and comments are taken from Joan Oloff Shoes' social platforms: facebook, twitter, blog and personal messages.

We are working hard to improve the quality of service to our customers.
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Claire H. 17.10.2017

I love these shoes! I have 3 pairs of Joan Oloff shoes (all heels of various heights) and I can tell you they are amazingly comfortable and show stoppers! People always stop me to comment on my beautiful shoes. Do yourself a favor and take a serious look at Joan Oloff Shoes!

Catherine P. 17.07.2017

I received my shoes and they are beautiful. The fit is good. I wish you much success. Your shoes are wonderful. I always receive compliments.

D. Kovart 10.02.2017

First of all, thank you SO much for having those shoes sent to my hotel. I am OBSESSED with them. As someone who rarely wears heels over two inches, these are marvelous! They are absolutely PERFECT for the Grammys! I'm so pleased! You were so incredibly helpful, thank you so much!

Danielle K. 05.01.2017

I wanted to personally reach out and let you know that I have never been able to wear heels and/or pointy toe shoes because they hurt my feet within two hours of having them on (the office makes fun of me all the time that I have something wrong with my feet) and I have been roaming the office all morning and my feet feel 100%! I now feel that I have FINALLY found a shoe line that understands my foot needs and I am already planning on buying more to revamp my whole shoe wardrobe!

Ginger V.P. 17.11.2016

I will absolutely tell my friends about these amazing shoes! as a woman who has wrestled with both plantar fasciitis and arthritis from years of running, I have found my shoe nirvana. Expensive yes, but worth it! My arthritic knees ache in heels with half the height that are supposedly comfort shoes. Keep doing your thing-you have a very special gift and it is long overdue to have this kind of comfort and beauty in a fashion forward shoe line. I look forward to watching your company grow as the rest of us sporty (but girly girls) discover they don't have to be in pain to look great!

Natanielle C. 07.09.2016

Thank you so much for the exquisite pair of shoes! They are the most beautiful and comfortable pair of heels I have ever had the privilege of wearing! I hope to meet you someday soon! I am a big fan of your shoe line.

Jill T. 02.04.2016

I have been looking for shoes that are beautiful and comfortable forever. Unlike the women who choose fashion over comfort, I refuse to wear a shoe if it isn't comfortable. I made that decision after I hurt my feet and hips training for a marathon. Thank you for designing a comfortable and beautiful shoe line.

Debbie T.G. 28.03.2016

Joan Oloff was my foot surgeon, and she is the BEST! She is designing amazing shoes that are better for your feet! How great is that to have someone who knows about feet!!! Be sure and check it out!

Renata J. 13.10.2015

A great idea, and it's also helping others not to have those tired feet after a long day of work. good job, congratulations, wish you nothing but success!

Cheryl G.M. 13.08.2015

Hi Dr. Oloff I work for SCCIPA and passed by your office yesterday. Your girls at the office told me about your shoe line... how exciting! Being a shoe lover myself, I’m always looking for a pair for shoes that won't hurt my feet after a few hours, so I asked to see some of your shoes. I was very impressed by your designs. There is one particular pair that I LOVED LOVED LOVED! I’ll be on the lookout for them. But I can’t wait to see your finished products.

Nancy N. 13.08.2015

Today I tried for the first time Joan Oloff shoes! Heaven for the feet and SO classy. Once you wear them impossible to fit other shoes!!!! Girls our life will change!..

H. Beach 13.08.2015

I arrived at the Bellagio today and wandered into a shoe store. In conversation with the salesman I mentioned my struggles with my love of heels vs comfort. It's tough post 50. He showed me this pair of gorgeous shoes so I tried them on completely skeptical that something of such beauty could be comfortable. I was wrong. The shoes were so freakin' sexy and comfortable. I'm very impressed and grateful that he pointed me to this line. Thank you. Both me and my feet appreciate what you are doing...

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