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When you look at Joan Oloff shoes, they will resemble other luxury shoes. When you put them on, however, they will feel like comfort shoes!

After treating countless women whose feet have been damaged from wearing luxury brand name shoes, I understood that only a thoughtful cooperation of science and creativity could guarantee that the shoes you’re wearing will feel as good as they look.

Our shoes represent the first time that anyone has truly changed the construction of the luxury shoe. We did not simply add some padding to the shoe; we completely revolutionized both the shoe construction and materials. In order to do this, I worked with the finest shoe makers in the world.

We customized our designs and structure, so that the shape of the shoe will more naturally follow the shape of the foot. The untrained eye may not notice this immediately, but it makes a significant difference in how the highest heel shares the load through the foot.

My patented technology involves several specific changes to the typical high heel shoe so it will reflect the needs of all women, regardless of foot type. This technology supports the foot in a way only thought possible with custom orthotics.

Thanks to our friends at Curvebeam and their new extremity CT Scan technology, we are now able to demonstrate this difference through these incredible images.

The image on the left shows what happens to your foot in traditional heels. Most of your body’s weight is placed on the ball of the foot. The arch rarely shares in the load. The ball of your foot sits on a very hard surface. The foot is unstable, so the toes will contract (causing hammer toes) to try to stabilize the foot.

The image on the right shows how relaxed and comfortable a foot sits in Joan Oloff shoe. Your body’s weight is distributed throughout the foot. The arch is supported. The ball of the foot is off-loaded. The foot is stable, so the toes do not have to contract and lay flat.

I want women to understand that they can have it all! My team and I have created beautifully elegant shoes that women can stand and walk in throughout the day. It is time that women are not only driven to the ball, but they are also able to dance all night long!

Please join our revolution!



Congratulations! Your order qualifies for free shipping You are $200 away from free shipping.
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